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Beginning with clarinet (1st Prize from Music Conservatory of Vichy-France, where my brother Yves and Guy Touvron also studied), playing with Jazz records at home, I sat in my first jam sessions with pros (Maxim SauryLes Haricots Rouges)DSC03656_2 during my higher maths classes in Clermont-Ferrand, then I played traditional Jazz with the New-Orleans Snappers in Bordeaux during my Engineering studies, used to hang out at jam sessions and played concerts while completing my Engineering diploma in Paris, I contributed to the Jazzmen Tea combo in San Francisco, recording with them an LP album during my Master at UC Berkeley, attended a new clarinet session as military service – but still swinging aside, like in Conflans -, then, I spent several holiday periods with Club Med and some other giddy joints, I subsequently took up alto sax with Claude Tissendier and {†} Jean-Claude Fohrenbach at the starting CIM Jazz School (sax ensembles, big bands, impro), also with André Villéger, while learning with teacher Master Robert Pichaureau how to unveil my sound,
I  invested myself in
SuperCinq sax quintet, tackling to arrangements in the SuperSax vein.

From 1986 on I have given my children their music bath, 
I went on with my instrument technique with Michel Goldberg at ARPEJ Jazz School, played a few years with Jazz Gardé Big Band (lead by Stéphane Grémaud, then by David Louis, on arranSoirée dansante-juin 2009gements from Frank Mantooth, Dave Wolpe, Lalo Shifrin, Matt Harris, Mark Taylor), kept my instruments alive during my 2001-04 Montreal period.

From 2008 on, 
I’ve been jamming around, in and around Paris at various spots like L’Happy Jazz, Autour de Midi et Minuitl’Espace Gazier, L’écoutille…and I play in Jazz en Boucle Festival in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, lately with the Pacific Four quartet.


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