inner violin without blowing

For a wind player, concentrating on his inner vibration is antagonistic to the action of blowing, which would trigger an outwards deconstructing effort : hence it is absolutely recommended to not blow, not even to want to do it !

By and large, driving your internal vibration appears as paramount for any musician, the violin player as well : you can achieve this control of your internal vibration and check it out by downwardly extending your attitude reached at the end of your natural inhaling, while enforcing your anchoring in the ground. From this point on, you feel the air column opening from the sound source down to your heels. The vibration radiates deep inside, like the recycled water jet gushing and feeding the basin center.

This is essentially a way to self-awareness and self-knowledge, a search for the movement from the inside to the outside, from the center to the periphery (…)

Dominique Hoppenot, Le violon intérieur
(translated by Guy Robert)

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